Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrambled Egg with Veggies and Meat


When I was in the US, one of our staple breakfast food was egg. I've tried almost every available type of recipe/cooking method on the menu when I was there - sunny side up, omelette, scrambled, boiled on salads (except for poached).

One of the recipes that I really like was the scrambled eggs we had at this resto near Disneyland. I said to myself I can easily make this one!

Here is my humble attempt of copying their scrambled egg recipe:

Scrambled/Omelet Egg with Veggies and Luncheon meat


5 pcs eggs
cooking oil (olive/regular)
1 medium onion
2-3 cloves garlic
spinach or green bell peppers
red tomatoes
¼ (can) cubed ham or luncheon meat or sausage (mushroom as alternative)
salt and pepper
quick-melt cheese or feta cheese (optional)


1. Wash veggies.
2. Chop/mince garlic and onions. Cube bell peppers and tomatoes. Remove spinach’s stem. (You can blanch or boil spinach first before adding.)
3. Add seasoning (salt and pepper)to the eggs before beating.
4. Heat the pan, put oil and fry luncheon meat. Set aside.
5. Using the same pan and oil, sauté onions, garlic and add tomatoes.
6. Add the luncheon meat and the veggies bell peppers/spinach.
7. Add egg (scramble).
8. For omelet: Remove the veggies/meat. Make an egg crepe first before putting the filling.
9. Add quick-melt cheese while still hot before serving.

Tip: Serve with rice, bread or potatoes.

Serves 4-5 people
Cost: P150-200


  1. hmmm mukhang masarap siguradong patok sa panlasa lalo na sa mga kids ko na mahilig sa egg...thanks miss lj and more power to you and dzas...God bless..

  2. i love it ! yummy, and nutritious too ! ",)

  3. Anonymous 1 -> you're welcome po!

    Anonymous -> have you tried it before? :)

  4. ang dilim ng background d ko mabasa...kuya decz
    looks good i want to try it

  5. try ko ..nakakagutom na po Ms. LJ

  6. Kuya Decz -> kailangang mong mag-upgrade ng browser, try Firefox or Google Chrome. You won't be able to view and use some of the features here pag low-grade yung gamit mo like Internet Explorer (unless mas bagong version na s'ya). Good to hear form you again! :)