Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Lj T. Salceda

“I’m getting old,” I complained to my guy. “Who isn’t?” he jokingly answered. Oo nga naman! May tama s’ya dun!

Age is an accumulation of days/time. That's why we have sayings like, "age is just a number." Sabi naman ng iba na ayaw magpabuko ng edad, "Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda." (According to some who don't want to reveal their age, "only carabaos/water buffalos grow old.")For some, age or life is a collection of experiences or lessons or accomplishments or victories. Unfortunately for some, they do not only make a career out of being miserable but worst, they also devote their lifetime to failures, defeats, problems and what-if’s. I’d rather not. I choose to see the glass half-full. Life is too beautiful and too short to be missed out.

In a few days I’ll be celebrating another 365 days that have passed (will pass). Before I reached my 30’s, I listed 30 of the things that I wanted to do/accomplish before I officially turn 30. A milestone for me, since I’ve always thought I will die young because I’ve been sickly as a child/teenager.

As I went through the list one more time, I was overwhelmed by emotions- happiness, gratefulness, fulfillment, hope and excitement. There’s also a tinge of sadness and a bit of disappointment in some areas, but the positive feelings certainly outweigh the negative ones.

Almost half of what I listed had come to pass (YAY!), though there are still plenty that I have yet to fulfill. Two weeks from now, I’m glad that another item on my list will become a reality. It maybe a year delayed, but everything happens for a reason I believe.

After years of writing and with Church Strengthening Ministry’s help, I will be launching my first book: EATING WITH ONE CHOPSTICK: Growing-Up in a Single Parent Home.

So if you or someone you know is a:

1. SINGLE-PARENT (including separated/divorced/annulled individuals; teenage-mother/father; a mother that bore a child out of wedlock; spouse of a prisoner/OFW; a guardian of grandkids or nephews/nieces; a widow/er; victims of abuse/rape that resulted to pregnancy)
2. SON or DAUGHTER of a single-parent
3. PASTOR or LEADER of a solo-parent ministry or organizations
4. PERSON involved in a BIGAMOUS or POLYGAMOUS relationship (a mistress/other woman/man)
5. An ABSENTEE father/mother (including emotionally absent parents, alcoholic, womanizer, abusive parents)

Also, if you (or someone you know) is going through…
- break-up or relationship problems
- gender / weight / self-image issues
- depression / suicidal tendencies
- health concerns
- poverty
- bullying
- vices

Even if you are blessed with a complete, loving family please spread the word about...

EATING WITH ONE CHOPSTICK: Growing-Up in a Single Parent Home
Book launch and Autograph Signing
(With the rest of CSM’s local authors)
Sept 17, 2010 at 6pm
SMX, Mall of Asia
Everyone is invited!!!

Books will be available at a discounted rate exclusively at the Manila International Bookfair (Sept. 15-19). But will be out in local, Christian and leading bookstores very soon.

(my 1st birthday with Pa blowing my candle)


  1. eheheheh cute neo po pla nung bata::))>> mz. LJ::)>>

  2. hello LJ..magandang accomplishment yan kung sakasakali..abangan ko yan.Congratulations in advance and a warmest birthday to come..God bless you always..

  3. Happy birthday LJ!!God Bless you always...your booklaunching is a great bday gift for yourself aswell as for others!!continue touching peoples life through your ministry!!you are such a blessing

  4. Joy, Anonymous and Louise -> thank you very much! you are all invited to the launch. :)

  5. will definitely get a copy of your book.the title alone is very catchy.i once read that 3 things a man should accomplish in his lifetime should be: to plant a tree, write a book and fall in love. i think you've done all 3! god bless you!

  6. ..nakabili na me ng book na yan...nasa kalagitnaan plang ako but im already inspired....i really really really love the book and hindi ako nagsisi kasi nacurious lang ako sa title kundi mismo sa pagbili ko,,,,^_^