Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blogging for a Week :)

Blogging Daily for A Week
Lj T. Salceda

My boyfriend challenged, er, encouraged me to write an article a day just a couple of weeks ago. “You have a gift,” John said. “I wish you’d do it everyday,” he added.

Does he know what he’s talking about?!! Lol! How could I refuse such a sweet, supportive and appreciative guy? I told him, ok hon, if I'll be able to finish the second draft of my book, I’ll give it a shot. (Just a little background: When I finally decided to become an official resident of the blogosphere, I only required myself to write at least an article a week. Many times I failed to do that. So this is really a leap.)

Anyhow, after finally submitting the second draft of my book last week and in honor of our first year as friends (John and I were introduced by a common friend- Jesus through the inter-net on the first week of August last year. That’s what I usually say when people ask us how we met…) here’s to a week of blogging!

The week that was – hectic, eventful and exhausting.

Monday - I was part of the DZAS team that covered PNoy’s first State of the Nation Address.
Highlight: PCEC head Bishop Ef Tendero treated us to a sumptuous dinner at a nice Korean resto after a long, hard day.

Tuesday – work day/staff meeting.
Highlight: Ate Maloi’s birthday, kaya may salo-salo!

Wednesday – lent a hand (and an ear) to 700 Club's Lahat Posible, Magtiwala Ka!
Highlight: being a blessing to others and getting to know celebs who are also bros & sis in the Lord!

Thursday – my TV night! Watched Modern Family, White Collar and NCIS.
Highlight: NCIS tonight was a C’mas episode! (pic c/o of this site)

Friday – attended a memorial service for our late Chinese host Ate Tessie Veloso.

Saturday – wrote the entire day.
Highlight: scramble c/o Ate May! (sayang di ko nakunan ng pic, naubos ko agad...)

Sunday – church, cleaned, walked for an hour, wrote some more.
Highlight: burning all the Mozzarella Garlic Pizza that I ate while watching the skies being lit by lighting!


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  2. Wow!!! e2 pala yong sinabi mo Ms LJ sa radio na kumain kau.ang sarap ng food..with ex-pres. Ramos pa you are so blessed ms Lj..more power and God bless you...Flor of cavite

  3. Thesis Writing -> thanks for visiting! I will try. :)

    Ate Flor -> hindi po si FVR yung nag-treat samin ng dinner, si Bishop Ef Tendero po ng PCEC. nagpa-picture lang po ako with FVR, hindi na po namin s'ya kasama sa dinner. :)

  4. ate lj ang ganda nio po !hehe sosyal pic w/ex-pres. fidel ramos ..bongga ka po jan..take care and godbless :)) danica sosa of caloocan

  5. I like your photo with Pres. Ramos! So sweet!