Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zumba line-up (Intense Work-out)

Zumba Line-Up (Intense Work-out)
Lj Schroeder

Starting today I'll be posting my Zumba line-up on here because I'm having a hard time searching for the old ones in my Facebook wall. Here, it is easier to look for them via tabs or history. Anyhow, this week's Zumba line-up is more intense, faster and a bit difficult but totally worth it!

Again you might want to modify some moves/steps as I find some of them challenging. Also if this is your first attempt on Zumba, do some basic movements or warm-up exercises before you start to prevent injuries or consult with your physician if you have serious medical conditions. 

I wish I could say that I'm a professional Zumba instructor/expert, but I'd be lying. :) All videos are from youtube.

1. Cha-cha/footwork - Save the Last Dance (Watch for the guy in white shirt, he seems to be having soo much fun!)

2. Fast/emphasis on the belly - Tootsie Roll (This is really tricky! The hip rolling and the foot work are kinda fast.)

3. Full body/cardio - Move Like Jagger (Watch the old lady, she's my motivation on this video.)

4. Cardio - Sexy and I Know It (Again look out for granny! :))

5.  Full body work-out/super fast moves - Walk It Out (Something to make you sweat profusely and make your heart beat faster.)

6. Stretch - Sweet Dreams (Easy movements.) 

7. Booty/hips/stretch - Just a Dream (I like this but if you prefer a slower cool down, try the last video.)

8.  Stretch/cool down - One In a Million (There are a few tricky steps like the split, but you can tweak them.)

Have fun and be healthy!