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This Holy Week I Will...

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Except for a well deserved r & r especially for the working people, the mandatory Seven Last Words and the Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday- make the most of your Holy Week vacay by including or considering some of these to-do ideas.

This Holy Week I will…

1. ESCAPE. If you’re like me that haven’t got the time or money to travel or avail of a long vacay, why don’t you come up with your own “mini-vacation”? Holy Week is the time when the roads of Manila are not so clogged. Explore the metro or your town or your barangay. Do a food trip. Climb a nearby mountain or hill. Go on a a joy ride or a picnic with your loved ones/friends. Stay away from the malls- they are usually close on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

2. WATCH and LEARN. Radio and TV stations typically have their special Lenten programming during this time of the year. If you’ve had enough of their replays/marathon broadcast or the usual religious-themed shows/movies, have your own movie marathon or programming at home. I bought a compilation of BBC’s documentaries about the life of Jesus Christ and other Biblical figures & issues for a discounted price of P600. (They also have documentaries on sale about Rome/Ancient Egypt/machines etc.) Included in my to-watch DVD's are The History of Christianity series from House Of Praise & a few biographies of famous Christian figures. Boring you might say, but I am planning to have a crash course in Christian history this Semana Santa. Of course there’s a wide variety of movies/shows to choose from!

3. SIMPLIFY. Show some love to mother earth by arranging/recycling/salvaging your magazines/books/wardrobe collection. Time to sew those missing buttons, polish your shoes or delete old files from your computer. You can also clean up your kikay kit or bags. Because of busyness, most of us girls don’t have the time to wash or clean or even change our hair brush/comb, make-up kits, toothbrush and even our bags. As we check and unclutter our hearts/spirits from spiritual baggage, do your self a favor and exercise it to your wallets/purses/bags too.

4. PARTICIPATE. There are various Holy Week-related activities like musicals/plays/concerts/seminars/exhibits lined-up this year. Go out, attend and show your support.

5. BEAUTIFY. Sleep longer, detoxify, dust your old bike and use it, have a facial or get a massage. Be good to your body. You will never regret it.

6. CHURCH HOP. Roman Catholics have their "visita iglesias", who says you can’t do it too if you’re an Evangelical or Protestant or Baptist? I have long been planning to do my own “visita iglesia”. Wouldn’t it be an adventure to study and capture in photos some of the biggest or interesting or oldest “Christian” churches in the Philippines or even Manila? Any suggestions?

7. DISCOVER. Try a new recipe or do an old recipe with a new twist! How many meals have you actually tried from all your recipe books? 3 maybe 5 the most. Why not prepare one full meal all taken from or inspired by your recipe books? Change is good. Perhaps you can try going vegetarian for a day.

8. TESTIFY. Give Bible tracts, text some thoughts to ponder or tell your friends to listen to 702 DZAS or watch the 700 Club. Here’s another suggestion- why don’t you write your testimony or recall a time in your life when God did something miraculous/extra-ordinary and post it on your blog or send it to Tanikalang Lagot (Unshackled radio program) or your church? Share what God has done in your life.

9. FAST. I am not just referring to abstinence from food or drinks. Fast from technology or work or worry or expenses. Contemplate, journal, commune with God. Be still and know that He is God.

10. REMEMBER. Think about His love. Think about His goodness. Think about His grace. That brought us through... GREAT IS THE MEASURE OF OUR FATHER’S LOVE. Thank the Lord.

Whatever you plan to do this season, as long as you do it for the glory of the Lord Jesus, the REASON why we have Holy Week in the first place – that’s the best list/goal/thing you can ever accomplish. You don’t need my list or someone else’s. Do what He wants you to do. Obey.

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