Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not your usual summer...

Except for the usual camps, summer classes and beach activities; the next two months try to learn a skill, be part of a cause or win something big (or charge it to experience if you don't win). Make it an unforgettable, productive and meaningful vacation by joining these activities/contests.

If you’re a WRITER, here are some contests you might want to consider:
- Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature
- Be a Star Mom Essay writing (write and send an essay with 300 words describing why your mom, grandma or aunt is a Star Mom to, deadline Apr.18,2010)

If you’re a PHOTOGRAPHER, whether amateur or professional try these competitions:
- My City, My SM
- I Love Philippines 3
- Lonely Planet’s Photo Travel Contest

If you're a MUSIC or EVENTS AFFICIONADO, volunteer or attend these events:
- Passion Conference
- Do Hard Things Manila

If you're into NATURE LOVER, join the cause to save planet Earth and win exciting prizes:
- I Love Nature

If you're a BACKPACKER, tell 'em about your (bad) trip and upgrade your experience!
- Pimp My Trip

If you're a TECHIE, who doesn't want the latest gadget by Apple???
- Win an IPAD!!!

I'm not paid to advertise these competitions or connected to any of the companies/sponsors. I did join some of these contests. :)

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  1. I'm a Filipina married to American staying here in Texas Army base. My mother is having her interview on the 10th of June for a tourist visa to come and visit us. I had a trauma at the US Embassy Manila between 2003-2004 I think after being denied of a tourist visa although I have strong evidence of ties like my own business, house,cars, dollars and peso savings on my bank account in the Philippines.

    I'm not sure what is the main reason of being denied that time but I was thinking that since I was only 20 years old and with a relatives in the US, the consul still considered that I am not returning back. The first reason maybe is because I'm travelling alone and not with my family and the purpose is just for pleasure and visiting relatives.

    She just only asked for my bank account and asked where did I get my $30K dollars savings although she also saw my peso account. I told her that it's my savings as well as the generated income of my business. I have worth P8M house, 2 paid off cars and bonds that worth 10K US dollars in Metrobank and brought original documentations of it.

    But how I was denied is pretty odd. I even travel around Asia and even has a temporary resident card in South Korea. Now, I'm living here in the US with my 6 year old daughter and my husband. He petition us at the US Embassy consulate in South Korea while we were living and station on a US military base near Seoul in 2006.

    I never did any services from the US Embassy Manila again since that traumatic incident. Next week is my mother's turn. Hopefully, she will get approved as we miss her a lot. My Mom used to visit us several times while we were in Korea. Her strong ties at the Philippine that I can think of is the two-story house that I built for her and which is on her name, my two sisters and their kids, my dad and that's it. I'm the only person in the family that is here in the US. Other than that we have close 1st degree relatives residing in another State.

    Oh God! Please help my mother overcome this interview as she has no intentions to break the US Federal Law. I will jump up and down if she will get approved because it's about time for her to visit a great country.

    Yours Truly,
    A proud Filipina