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Our Fiance (K1) Visa Saga: Chapter Two

Our Fiance Visa Saga: Chapter Two
LJ Salceda Schroeder

(pic c/o my Aunt Vivian)

Akala ng iba madali, masarap at bongga kapag may bf/fiance/asawa kang 'Kano. Ang 'di alam ng marami, sangkatutak na papeles, red tape at sakripisyo ang titiisin mo para lang sa lovelife at loved ones mo. Bago maging isang nobela ito, back to K1 tayo. If you missed Chapter One, here's the link.  

After passing the medical exam, it's time to PAY AND SCHEDULE THE VISA INTERVIEW.

The interview process was both exciting and nerve-wracking for me. I've been granted a 10-yr tourist visa before I applied for the K1 so I am aware of the routine. What made it worrisome was, some of the documents that I needed for the interview did not arrive on time because John sent it via post office! This is a NO-NO for very important and original documents. (Use Fed Ex or UPS or other shipping companies, NOT the post office if you or your significant other need to send anything valuable to each other!) I had to re-schedule the interview (twice) if I'm not mistaken because I wasn't sure if I should go through with the interview with our incomplete documents. When it did arrive (two days after the interview) in the mail it was opened and a masking tape was used to re-seal it. Sigh!

The day before my interview, I was scrambling and petrified. After chatting with John and praying together, I asked him to scan and e-mail whatever copies he has left of income tax/investments/bank accounts or anything to prove he is financially liable of myself once I get there (another important requirement for the K1 application). I also asked him to write a letter to the Manila US Embassy explaining what happened to the rest of the financial support papers which I brought to the interview. 

FYI: If the petitioner does not reach the "poverty guideline" in his state, he may look for a qualified co-sponsor.  

In spite of our dilemma, we entrusted everything to the Lord then I reviewed some of the possible questions for the interview.

ON THE DAY OF THE INTERVIEW July 1, 2011, I woke up at 4am, got ready, double-checked my list, asked my mom to pray  for me before I left (a lot of help to calm my nerves) and arrived at the US Embassy gates by 5:30am. My interview was at 6:40am and the line was already loooong as expected. 

I was in-line for at least 30 mins (protocols and specific requirements at the embassy are included in the interview confirmation e-mail) before they started letting people in, getting checked by security and going through some of the documents (interview confirmation letter, receipt etc.)

K1 visa interview is slightly different from the Tourist Visa Interview. Once inside the embassy grounds, your documents will be initially checked and you will be given a number. By batches (using you number) you will be fingerprinted (biometrics), then you will have to wait again until your initial interview. 

When my number was flashed, I went to a room with a Filipino consul/staff. He checked my docus (I organized them in a huge plastic envelope) and just asked the basic questions- my name, the petitioner's name, do I have all the documents etc.  I showed him John's "explanation/apology" letter and explained what happened to the rest of our papers. I think he said it's up for the interviewer to decide. When he was done, he told me to wait (in the lobby) until my number pops up above one of the windows where the actual interview will happen.

I silently prayed and practiced some more while waiting for the "actual interview". I also observed how some of the interviews went (you will learn a lot just by observing.) I noticed that one of the girls that was being interviewed (who was either denied or given the "colored" slip I don't remember how it ended) was having a hard time explaining her annulment. She was a little feisty too! 

When my number was shown, I was thankful that I was assigned to a very friendly American (Caucasian) man probably in his 30's who was wearing a barong tagalog. He again asked me the basic questions- my name, my fiance's name, how we met, what he does for a living, wedding planning etc. Then he noticed John's apology/explanation letter. I started explaining and apologizing and promised him I will come back and submit the rest, but he assured me and this is his exact words because I clearly remember to this day, "Your fiance seems to have enough money to support you. No need for additional documents." (Whew!) Then he congratulated me and swore me (to get married within 90 days) and gave me the white paper (where you have to put your mailing add for the visa delivery.)   

A miracle! An answered prayer! A relief! 

It took more than a week for my visa to be ready for pick up in one of the 2Go branches. You can also have it delivered as an option. I stayed in the Philippines a few more weeks to spend time with family and friends, work on the rest of the wedding, attend the Commission on Filipino Overseas or CFO seminar (another requirement prior to departure) and on July 31, 2011 I flew for the third time to the US to be with my man for the rest of my life.
Again, it's not an easy journey. It doesn't end once visa is in your hands or once you are married. K1 is just the first process among the succeeding processes you will go through if you decide to marry a foreign (American in this case) national. It is not for the faint of heart that's for sure. 


  1. Co-sponsors are more likely to be allowed for a spousal visa than a fiancee visa. The Manila Embassy frowns on it for fiancee visas. That's something I learned on our journey (we were doing a spousal visa and my dad was our co-sponsor).

  2. Kuya Kev -> that's what I've read too. I was worried we would have to use a co-sponsor but I was glad he made it above the poverty rate. :)

    1. may i ask if how much is the poverty rate maam?

  3. im also having the same problem of not meeting the poverty guidelines, may i ask how much os the "enough money to support you"?? thankyou so much i appreciate it!

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  6. Hi Anonymous! My apologies, it took me awhile to read your comment as I haven't been updating my blog for months now. Anyhow, every state has their own poverty limit guide. You have to check the state where you husband or fiance resides. It's usually on their website. I pray your journey turns out favorably! All my best!

    Emily -> Thank you for reading and visiting. Sorry for not responding earlier. I hope your research and application produce promising results! Have a great day!

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  9. Hello Lj..Im a K1 visa applicant and a Filipina..Im been searching for the blogs like yours to read to help me and my fiancee in this kind of journey you and your husband been successfully succeeded..Can I ask you Lj based on your experienced. Ive send a copy of my Cenomar to my fiancee as one of my Reqs. in I 129F dated this March of this year and Ive save the other one for me..In God will if our application approved and have my interview this year will they ask me for another copy of it or the one that ive saved is enough? Thank you and God Bless..Hope to hear from you..

  10. sa mga nag -apply for K1 visa - etong video nakatulong sakin :

  11. It seems you've got one heck of a journey maam, I know it's not easy to process a fiance visa but I'm glad you made it through.

  12. Hello! Thank you so much for this blog, it's been so helpful. I have a question though. I am the petitioner and I eventually want to petition my girlfriend with a fiance visa as well. My question is do I need to be living and working in the US in order to apply? Because I currently live and work in the Philippines and would like to stay here. I have family in the US who can help me with mailing the applications too.

  13. I just passed this into a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that.

  14. This post made me remember what I had to go through to get to the US! I hope you're having a blast here as much as I am. :)