Thursday, June 21, 2012

Until Then...

(Control 5/Studio)

Until Then...
Lj Schroeder 

This month marked my 12th year in the broadcast industry. I look back and can't help but be swept away by emotions... I am overjoyed, humbled, accomplished, blessed, enriched and nostalgic for all these years. Above all, I feel grateful to God and in-debt to the people He used for opening the door to my dream job/ministry and for the enumerable lessons and treasures I've acquired along the way.

But alas, even good things must come to an end!

Next week is also the final days of my "on-air" ministry with Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), my home and family for many years. After more than a decade working as a full-time staff, dozens of shows, hundreds of events, thousands of listeners and co-workers I've met, tons of memorable experiences- I bid farewell (for now) to a huge part of my life. It has not been an easy journey, but I wouldn't be where I am and who I am today if not for the training and opportunities that working in FEBC has given me. My heart is like a treasure box bursting with mementos- the time, the people, the craziness, the tears, the laughter and the hundred other things that continue to inspire, challenge, shape and guide me to my destiny.

I started as a volunteer right after college, then as announcer/producer, until a few months before my early retirement I was "promoted" to an OIC-position for one of our new programming divisions and back to being a volunteer when I settled down and migrated to the US. In spite of the distance and the time difference, I managed to host and produce a (temporary) daily show for almost a year!

In my life I've always struggled with good byes and separation. I thought I had gotten over my separation anxieties, but here I am having radio withdrawals. Lol! 

So with all the courage that I can muster, it is with great delight albeit with tear-stained eyes that I say MARAMING SALAMAT at HANGGANG SA MULI (Thank you and Until then) to radio broadcast...
to my former home, my comfort zone, my family...
to you our dear listeners and friends...
to shows, the studio and the airwaves... 

So long consoles, microphones, headphones, audience, queue sheets, playlists, scripts, recordings, interviews, OB's, OTS, textjock, static and dead air...    

Join me next week for the final episodes of Love On Air on 702 DZAS,, between 11pm-12mn (Manila time.)

What an honor and a gift to serve my Master through FEBC! 

(FEBC MIC Awarding Ceremony, June 2011 with Kuya Dan and Kuya Caloy)

It is now time to pursue other passions, create new dreams, discover different paths and make more friends. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...


  1. God bless Ms. LJ... we will miss you..

  2. thank you for the years you''ve spent inspiring and praying for your listeners on DZAS... I missed your voice on your afternoon show and now you're leaving for good... But God has great plans for you and your family. May you continue to be an encouragement and blessing to others in whatever path the Lord wants you to take. :-)

  3. Aw! It's always a treat to listen to your programs Ate LJ! First heard of you in IU during my high school years. If I may recall, we met once and had our photo taken in one FEBC anniv. Then I had a brief radio interview with you and Kuya Lem in Pinoy Espesyal. Haaay. Those days. I'm sure that God has far more wonderful things in store for you. Thank God that we've had you for years!

  4. In a way i can relate to the transition stage of letting go of the job when you've already become successful at it. I recently let go of my leadership post at CSM and the battle between letting go to follow Christ vs. staying with the "success" is hard, ain't it? Still it's God's will that we should follow. It may be an entirely different journey but in the end it will be more rewarding than what you thought you already accomplished. So Kudos, Ate LJ! you are on a greater journey, a greater adventure, with greater undertakings to fulfill. Kwento mo lang! hindi man sa radyo, at least sa blog pwede parin!

  5. wow :) nakaka-inspire po ang story mo. It also made me realize that if something good ends, it doesn't mean you'll stop there. It is just a beginning for something new, and a better experience. It inspires me to still pursue my dreams, discover new things and not to be afraid of letting go of my comfort zone. God bless you. :)

  6. naiyak naman ako ate Lj.. you are already a part of me even though we never met (personally). Isa ka po kasi sa pinaka naging inspirasyon ko to come back to HIM..through IU and LOA. I will miss you po talaga... but i know that GOD has better plans and HIS timing is always perfect. so let His will be done. God bless you...i hope we can "hear" from you again. Thank you for touching my life without you knowing it. You will always be one of my greatest blessings. ^_^

  7. Thanks everyone! You are all inspiration and blessings to me. Dios Mabalos! :)