Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colors of February LJ Schroeder

Colors of February
(Violet Cabbage Flowers, Bloody Oranges, Nasty Rashes, Pastel Skies)
LJ Schroeder

(Violet Cabbage Flowers)
One my fave things to do- admiring God's wonderful, colorful, sometimes intriguing creations. They are a mirror of how creative our Maker is.

(Blood Orange and Strawberries)
For the first time, I had blood (moro) oranges c/o of our friend Katie and my fave fruit, strawberries as desserts for breakfast.

(Side Effects of Sulfa- Rashes)
Turned out I was allergic to the UTI meds that the doc prescribed to me. I developed burning rashes all over my arms, legs and chest. Not to mention terrible headaches and fever. Not a pleasant experience. 

(Indulgence - Early Evening Skies.)
The best shot I was able to take. We were running late for our mid-term exams, so while we were ordering dinner from In & Out I snapped this at the parking area. 

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  1. Ouch! That rash does not look pleasant! Sorry about that. :(