Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beautiful Day :) Lj Schroeder

Beautiful Day

Waking up to snow-covered mountains...

Driving home with double rainbows in the freeway...

I can't even capture them with justice...

And golden sunset skies amidst the rain.

What lovely sights!
What beautiful creations!
What an awesome Creator!

Reminds me of this song from Phil Wickham.


  1. Wow! nice to see that kind of creation ng LORD, btw po, i just read your blog here...hehehehhe am so blessed and naka rel8 me of what you said, now my man is coming soon, as we pray for it. Hope to read more your blog...

    from one of you listener in LOA...

  2. AMEN! so amazing...HE is really MAGNIFICENT...no words could ever express of how Great He is...^_^ Godbless po ate LJ, i'm your sister in Faith...more power po sa program n'yo ni bro. John...

  3. Hehehey, what a colorful rainbows.
    Mam lj, bakit ganun ang lapi-lapit ng rainbow dyan. Sana maka-punta din ako sa lugar mo para/baka sakaling masalat ko man lang ang makulay na green ng bahaghari, hehehe.

    Honestly po mam lj, we are blessed about the story of your life, not to mention it. Isa na po yong mga ngiti mong di kayang bayaran at ang mala-ginto mong boses na aming napapakinggan and that is one of the biggest gift for us as you friends in Christ and a listeners/fans.
    Thank you very much po. God bless.