Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favored and Blessed by Lj Salceda Schroeder

(1st and 2nd pic c/o Arleth Gutierrez, 3rd pic c/o of Dede Neufeld)

Favored and Blessed
Lj Salceda Schroeder
(Reflections on my last night as a single woman. I used part of this in my wedding vows and acknowledgments for the reception. )

My Ma never fails to remind me that I am a favored and blessed woman. I wish I could say that I've always believed her pronouncements but I'd be lying. Don't get me wrong, those are beautiful, heart-warming declarations that I would love to hear all the time, but those are also difficult words to digest and hold onto during tough days.

Not this time though. Today more than ever those words are alive. I've never felt or seen them as clear and as true than this moment.

I am a favored and blessed woman!

I am marrying the answer to my Ma's prayers. The man I've learned and still is learning to love, to know and to stand by with. I am in a country where some people could only dream of living. I am warmly welcomed in homes and by people I'm not even related to.

My loved ones and friends may not be here to witness and celebrate with us on our wedding day, but what a comfort and a joy to be surrounded by the most loving, supportive new family. I am overwhelmed by their generosity and all the names that I now have to remember. :) They are all wonderful and I can't wait to spend some time and get to know them more. I thank the Lord for their lives.

Being favored and blessed doesn't exempt one from hardships and pain.

For the two years that John and I have been together, we've faced many challenging, scary and seemingly insurmountable circumstances. The struggles of a long-distance relationship, the paperwork, the expenses, unemployment, settling in the US, wedding preparations... And the adventures did not stop since I came here. On my second week in California, John's car was burglarized, his wallet was taken, my identity was stolen, his second wallet got lost that we had to call a friend to pay for our meal, my Ma's visa application was denied- twice and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come....

It hasn't been an easy journey, but we made it this far. Being favored and blessed doesn't mean the absence of problems or the abundance in material things. It's not the presence of people you love or the comfort of a place you once called home. IT IS knowing we have God and He's got our back and everything else covered. He who made possible for John and I to meet and to be together will also be the One who will carry us through.


  1. LJ, I'm so proud to be your friend and I was blessed by reading this.

  2. This is very inspiring ate LJ, you are very blessed talga, Im only your listener, but I can feel the love and favor of God to you God bless

  3. A beautiful testimony of "love on earth, blessed by heaven." :)

  4. Praise the LORD I'm Henry of EL SHADDAI, Im one of your listener from the Philippines.. Favorite ko ang Inspirations tuwing hapon. and ngayon wala na akong masyadong balita sa iyo ate. Thank God and you have entered GOD's Perfect Will in your life. I'm so blessed knowing that one of my favorite dj is blessed by GOD having her own family. You have contributed a lot in the lives of your listeners including me. Nawa marami kapang maipost na articles and makapag produce pa ng maraming books.. I love reading and writing. I pray that you write your love story too. hehehe.. Well anyway GOD BLESS and GOD BLESS kapatid in faith..

  5. Kuya Kev -> Proud to be your friend too. Glad you were blessed by my article. Keep in touch! :)

    Anonymous 1 and 2 -> Thanks for reading and for your beautiful comments. :)

    Bro. Henry -> Our love story might just be my 2nd book. Pray I'll have the patience and inspiration to write it soon. :)

  6. hello ate lj! I am one of your listener and reader of your book (eating with one chopsticks). you are an inspiration. Continue with what you are doing and may our GREAT GOD bless you with more joys and happiness. stay happy! we love you and I really miss your voice. Have a great day!!

  7. Hi Ms Lj, glad to see some happy pics with your new family. We are all blessed, You are an encouragement to many,(im one of those many). So glad that finally all your prayers granted by God according to His will. I wish you more happiness now and forever, life is tough but then we have a great God. Thanks for being a fb friend, no words can i say to to express how God really works. God bless you and always take care.. looking forward for more happy news you share.

  8. wow! praise God! indeed Rom 8:28 is so true as i see it in your life! im sooo happy for you LJ!

    best wishes and God bless! :)

    continue to shine for HIM!

  9. Hi Ms. LJ, I'm older than you but i am learning a lot through your life experiences. I am your avid listener in the Phils. I've been waiting for that day that you'll be with your partner in life... i mean to receive God's blessing for your marriage. Sobrang happy ako for you. I always sleep late at night just to hear your voice and inspirations on love air radio. Salamat sa Panginoon, salamat sa buhay mo na nakaka blessed ng marami. May God continue to pour out more blessings and take care always.

  10. u're really blessed, LJ! i wish u and John the best.

  11. Thanks Sandrha, Wheng, Rajsh and Mariah! You are all blessings to me! :)

    Anonymous -> I appreciate you for staying up late to listen to LOA. Hope you leave your name next time so we'll be able to greet you. Blessings! :)

  12. hi lj pa play naman ng while im waiting

  13. Hello Lj,

    Yes, you are truly blessed and I am sharing this Apache Wedding Blessing:

    Now you will feel no rain,
    for each of you will be shelter for the other.

    Now you will feel no cold,
    for each of you will be warmth for the other.

    Now there is no more loneliness.

    Now you are two persons,
    but there is only one life before you.

    May your days together be good and long
    upon the earth.

    Best wishes to your new journey.

  14. Anonymous -> I'll play your request next week. I already had a line-up kasi for last week. Thanks! :)

    Ross -> What a beautiful message! Thank you so much. :)

  15. Looking forward for some more updates of yours.. minsan di ako makatulog pag gabi kaya it's your job to make my spirit free from stress hehehe.. by the Grace of GOD ofcourse.... Please for me na maging mas effective pa kong choir leader worship leader at keyboardist para lalong makapag minister ang LORD through music... God bless us...

  16. Indeed I am blessed always to read your blogs Ms. LJ. I agree with what you said...

    "Being favored and blessed doesn't exempt one from hardships and pain."

    But God is good and always gracious to keep us through all hardships and pain. I pray that your marriage will all the more flourish, be a living testimony so you can touch more lives and souls. I pray that your love for each other will truly manifest 1 Corinthians 13 each day.

    You are truly favored and blessed... I claim that too!!!

    God bless us.