Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dreaming Cat
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by Lj Salceda

God has always used dreams (in my sleep) to either warn me or tell me something very important. I've proven this time and again.

When I was dating my ex-bf, I always had dreams about him cheating or doing something awful. One time in my dream (more like a nightmare), my ex and I were sitting beside each other on-board a bus, but when he saw an attractive woman sitting in front of us, he left me and sat beside the woman all through out the trip. Another time, I dreamed he kissed a different woman right in front of me. The nerve! There was another dream when he gave his business card and outrightly flirted with another girl while we were on a date. I either woke up fuming or sobbing. :(

I've always been open and honest to my ex, so whenever I would had these dreams I never failed to tell him. And he always reasoned out, it's because I think about him cheating that's why I have those dreams and I believed him. Little did I know my dreams were actually "red flags."

When I was younger I had all sorts of dreams. The ones that stood the most were about me having super powers- I can fly without wings or that I was fighting or running away from monsters or villains. I don't know how or why but most of the time, I can remember even the tiniest part of my dreams such as dialogues, colors, designs, scents and sounds. There are a few times when I can remember 2 or 3 of my dreams in one night/sleep!

I've also noticed that when I dream about "real people or things" they usually happen. Like when I had a dream about one of my uncles who rarely visits us, came over one day and gave me some money. And the very next day it happened! I swear!

I am NOT an expert in dreams and I have no plans of becoming a Joseph (unless it is the Lord's will.) I won't discuss elaborately or even scientifically (not in the position to) or even encourage people to take ALL dreams seriously. Sometimes they are just that- dreams. No more, no less.

However, in my life God has used and still uses dreams to assure me or caution me or convey something urgent or valuable.

Like what happened last Friday. I had another one of those very vivid dreams. In my sleep I remember that we (my fiance and I) got our Notice of Action2 (the approval for our Fiancee Visa Application) on May 13. I even told my fiance- John about it during our chat. Out of excitement, I logged-on to the USCIS website and checked our case status. But to my disappointment, it appeared we were still under Initial Review. No updates or approval yet.

Lo and behold, when I opened my e-mail today I got a message from USCIS saying:

Application Type: I129F , PETITION FOR FIANCE(E) Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity On May 13, 2011, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129F PETITION FOR FIANCE(E). Please follow any instructions on the notice.

Friday the 13th in the US, we got our approval! I forgot about the time difference. Lol!

I am aware that there are people who don't believe or put much weight in dreams and I respect them for that. Like what I've said, I'm no expert in dreams and I have no plans of becoming one. Nonetheless, from my experiences, I believe God can use anything even dreams to communicate with us. So don't always discount or shrug off ALL your dreams. They might save your life or the very least avoid some problem/pain in the future.

Thank you Lord and thank you my dear friends for your prayers and greetings. We're now preparing for the next stages, 2-day Medical Exam and Interview for the actual FIANCEE VISA. Mabalos!

Trivia: Some experts say animals like cats and dogs dream in their sleep too.


  1. Amazing that I read your Article today because this morning I just had a dream about someone very important to me and I am about to shrug it off. I don't know what it means but I pray that God would reveal it in his own time. God bless LJ

  2. very interesting story LJ! should i say "lady Joseph".. haha

    God bless on your next stages.

  3. Anonymous -> that's right, pray and ask God for guidance/discernment. :)

    Eugene -> why not, LJ pa rin o ha? thanks kapatid! :)

  4. same here LJ, dreams of flying without wings or fighting or running away from monsters or villains happens since I was a teenager. Good to know am not alone, hehe..gratz and best wishes ;)

  5. wow...it's an amazing experience! while reading your article, i was like ^___________^ smiling :))
    i'm just happy for you!
    I'm still waiting for febc reply to my email po... also, i tried applying for cbn asia..but no confirmation yet.. maybe the Lord has still assignments for me in my workplace! God bless you ms LJ :)

  6. Great story Ms.LJ! Yep! I also believe that God communicates through our dreams.. I even pray for its interpretations when I was little(feeler po kc akong maging girl version ni Joseph the dreamer nung bata..haha)
    Naexcite po tuloy akong ishare,un first dream ko,which i remembered deeply by heart,when i was 7 or 8 years old,if it's ok I would like to share it with you hehe...I called it as my "trampoline dream"...

    i was playing daw on our garden with my playmates,jumping and bouncing using a material like a trampoline,which i remember was made of super elastic, flexible and unbelievable materials,i say "unbelievable" because i remember that time as i jump and bounce back into the air,i was looking up to heaven,whispering and making kulit to God saying,"Lord,...gusto ko po dyan sa heaven,pleasssee.."then as i continue to jump and bounce with not much effort but through the trampoline's, suddenly i super bounce up to heaven,passing the clouds in the sky, up and up to the outer space.!! Wow!!
    I remember looking down to my playmates shouting "yeeheeyyy!!I'm going to heaven!!". I continue to go up and up above the sky...until i reached a solid ground,with a bright and cloudy/smokey surrounding (parang my dry ice un eksena used during theater plays??hehe) with plants and animals everywhere..it was amazingly beautiful, beyond description..and as a child i quickly remembered my sunday school's lecture about a garden in heaven called Eden.. I continue to walk over the aisle, searching for someone to talk to..without no one on my sight..i whispered "Lord,nasa garden of Eden npo ba ako??". I heard no answer for a while,but as i continue to search the beautiful place, i saw a signboard/placard having these words "Garden of Eden." I was so happy, I shouted, "Wow!! andito n nga ako!!" then after that i remember me whispering again, "Lord, can i see you?"... After a while, i saw a man standing in front of me,lending me his hand,i can't see clearly his face,but i recognized him saying, "my Lord?",He didn't say any word but instead lead me to another place as I reached out my hand to Him..The room was so white and so cloudy...the scene ended there because I can't remember what happened next,basta I remember waking up crying,realizing that I was just dreaming pla,i prayed quickly as I go back to my consciousness praying and pleading God to let me go back to that beautiful place again,forcing my self to go back to sleep...but guess what..walang nangyari...haha,I remembered crying and crying for almost half an hour,pleading God,saying I want to see you...until my dad woke up because of my noise checking me up... Since then, I became curious of my dreams, remembering and keeping each of it by heart. I strongly believe that God answered my prayer that time,letting me have a glimpse of heaven through that trampoline dream,(thank you Lord!!!) I am so excited to go back to that place again, praying and patiently waiting for that moment..that someday God will answer me again, letting me be with Him there in heaven, not in my dream but in reality napo sa susunod haha...bongga!!

    Thanks for reading po, naku sorry po napahaba hihi.. God bless you Ms. LJ!!:))

  7. I believe God really uses dreams for us to know His will.to guide us and remind us that He is always there. Like you, there's also some instances that my dreams became reality (not copycat,but alike).take care and may our Loving god continue to embrace you as you walk His ways.
    God speed po!