Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FEAR NOT! (On kids’ abduction for internal organs) by Lj Salceda

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“I swear to God, it’s the TRUTH even if it never happened.” (CSI)
I really don’t know why at our age and time and with the advent of modern technology most Filipinos are still so GULLIBLE and SUPERSTITIOUS. We believe in almost everything! Sigh. Again, please double-check if something you are passing on whether info, video, photo or link is true and helpful to others.
We’ve already tackled these “rumors about kids being abducted for their internal organs and being left somewhere with a note and payment” on our show Pinoy Espesyal with a police superintendent as our guest. For the last time, there is NO TRUTH to this. This is one of the top URBAN LEGENDS in the world with different variations. When we were kids growing-up in the province panakot na ito sa amin.
Please consider the following reasons why it is VERY UNLIKELY to abduct kids for their INTERNAL ORGANS.
  1. It is illegal and medically impossible to harvest organs from kids or anyone for that matter without proper papers or background check. There are so many things that need to be considered like matching blood types, tissues, complications and other health concerns in order to accept an organ from a legitimate source like a hospital or an approved organ-donation organization.
  2. A regular person with no medical background or experience CAN NOT harvest any organ from anyone. You will need a roomful of doctors or medical professionals who are knowledgeable and trained with the proper medical equipment to harvest even store organs/tissues (like corneas) and finally conduct the transplant because this is a very delicate and intricate medical operation. Medical schools obtain their organs/cadavers from legitimate sources like funeral homes and hospitals. Again, the harvesting needs to be done by a surgeon in a required operating/medical room (temperature, cleanliness highly considered) not a van or a house and with the proper tools.
  3. Some organs need to be transplanted within hours or else it will not be viable. To store them you need the right solution, accurate temperature, proper handling and medical devices to make sure they stay in the best condition.
  4. Most organ donors are NOT from third world countries. Organ donation awareness in the Philippines is still very low compared to that of first world countries like the US or Spain (top organ donating country). We still need a lot of education, discussions to make and we still have a long way to go.
  5. No victim, at least in Valenzuela has had the courage to report this to the authority with any valid evidence except for text messages or passed on information from kapitbahays or the inter-net. If you are a victim, I beg you PLEASE talk to AUTHORITIES or the MEDIA. We are here to listen, believe and help you if you are telling the TRUTH. We do need to VALIDATE stories/info first.
  6. It is a CRIME to concoct stories with the goal of creating panic or danger to the people, it is a SIN to lie or steal or kill and it is ILLEGAL to sell or buy internal organs (it should be donated.)
And if this is indeed TRUE, scaring people will not do this country any good. Spreading fear, wrong information and indignation will only empower the perpetrators. But it will NOT solve the problem. Fact is evil is everywhere. Bad people will keep on doing bad things. Some don’t get caught because no one reports them. Blaming the government or media or authorities will not make things better. Crime will not stop because we live in a fallen world.

To make matters worse, we are subjecting kids to trauma and we are raising a scared and scarred generation. We’re not educating them how to protect themselves, who to believe, what to believe and most of all what type of example are we leaving to these kids? I am SO disappointed with schools and school staff who suspended classes for baseless information. For goodness’ sake! Do kids get abducted? Yes they do and unfortunately so. Do they get killed? Sadly, yes for various reasons and means.

I know it's better to be safe than sorry. This doesn’t mean we can’t instill in them values and basic life-saving instructions like: don’t talk to strangers, walk with your friends or classmates from school, tell your parents where you’re going, learn self-defense, always verify your information and do not be too quick to spread info or news no matter how attractive (or scary) they are.

Parents please teach your kids about having faith in God. Tell them about His angels, Daniel and his friends and miracles. Truth is, this world is full of dangers, the devil is real but enlighten and empower them too. Offer them SOLUTIONS not just EMOTIONS. Please be more pro-active than reactive.

Isn’t He who is in us more powerful than anyone against us? Didn’t God promised to be our protector, defender, helper and His Son our Savior? Can’t He give us wisdom or discernment if we ask Him to?

Btw, there's a BIG difference between ORGAN DONATION and ORGAN SELLING (SMUGGLING.)


  1. ah..miss LJ.. i nver got to see an episode in "FAILON NGAYON" that somehow is related to this issue..but as i saw and remembered in the preview..a kid was saying..and indeed he was abducted for that purpose and thankfully he was able to escape..i'm not so sure of the whole story..but it was shown in that episode..If you like..you could watch it..i don't know how though..
    ..But i totally agree with you on this blog that you wrote..
    God bless you on this..and hope everyone will have the opportunity to read it and become more aware and even vigilant ..

  2. Anonymous, I wasn't able to watch it too but I did see the promo. From what I've heard from those who were able to watch it, the show only interviewed/presented what the kids went through. But they didn't conclude or affirm that an abduction of kids in order to get their organs did happen or is happening. :)

  3. The children could be kept on a facility first for at least a month before their abductors could open their bodies and get the desired organs. Some medical professionals might be behind all these. I have seen photographs of the bodies opened. And besides, one of my friends PERSONALLY saw the body of a boy dumped near our subdivision. Please lang, don't mislead people by your theories. Hindi naman biglang abduct, biglang kuha na agad nung organs. For all we know, a series of tests was also held to those who were held captive for a long time.

  4. Anonymous -> if you choose to be scared or scare people away, that's up to you.

    I decide not to be part of this. I'd rather use my time and energy and my blog on educating, empowering and inspiring people rather than scaring them with stories like these.

    Btw, I don't make theories. I always back up my info/articles with solid proof by attribution/links, talking to authorities and quoting my sources. I wish you'd do the same.

    Peace! :)

  5. miss on par 4 " most organ donors are not from 3rd world country" how do you explain yung mga nabebenta ng kidney sa hirap ng buhay. i am not saying na totoo yung abduction sa kids to sell their organs and i wished di totoo yun dahil may anak din ako though kung totoo yun sana mag yun ang researh mo total mahilig ka rin mag research... mabuhay ka ate!

  6. Anonymous -> there's a BIG difference between ORGAN DONATION and ORGAN SELLING. ORGAN DONATION is when you give a part of your body (cornea, heart, kidney etc.) for FREE, you don't get paid for it. while ORGAN SELLING (also called ORGAN SMUGGLING) is the illegal way of "giving" organs. bawal ang magbenta ng organs, DAPAT ikulong kung sino man ang gumagawa nito. kaya lang gaya ng ibang batas sa ating bansa hindi ito sinusunod.

    Here's the link of the top organ donors in the world. Spain is the top, followed by Belgium, France, USA and Italy. Hindi kasama ang Philippines because again we are not an ORGAN DONATING country, we are more of an ORGAN SELLING country (which is ILLEGAL.)