Sunday, December 6, 2009


Lj T. Salceda

Ay, calendar na naman? Planner ulit?

Are you tired of getting and giving the same gifts every time the holiday season kicks in? Bakit kasi ‘di mo inaantay itong article ko? Joke lang! I got caught in the midst of the C’mas preps and the usual work duties kaya medyo na-delay. In case you’re still completing your list and checking it the nth time and still scratching your head trying to streeeeeetch your budget, here’s my personal list of what-to-give this season.

1. GIFT CHEQUES/CARDS - Whether it’s from/for a mall or SPA or fave coffee brand, who could ever resist or be disappointed by a GC? Well, not me! Specially if it’s over 500! Lol! May required amount pa? Basta, pag may GC ako, masaya na ako. Madali pang mabili di ba?

2. DEVOTIONAL BOOKS – Sabayan mo na ng journal or planner and pen or marker. There’s one for almost every type of reader. Meron na for mothers, men, couples, professionals, teenagers, kids, Tagalog, English, mahal, mura etc. Eto ang alternative, if it’s for your business partner or superior, why not try a coffee table book like 100 Ways to Live the Word from PBS?

3. SUBSCRIPTION for MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS – This one super tagal ko ng gustong ma-receive for C’mas, pero hanggang ngayon walang maka-isip magbigay sa akin. He, he, he! Just do a little sleuthing and find out what your recipient’s favorite mag or newspaper of choice is. Then, surprise him or her with a subscription gift! 

4. PRE-PAID CARD/LOAD – You just have to know if it’s post-paid or pre-paid and what network ang gamit n’ya. Then either buy him or her a month’s (or more) worth of cellphone/inter-net load or pay his or her bill if it won’t break your bank.

5. MULTIPLE USE ITEMS – I am a sucker for this one! I search for clothes or household items that you can use in various ways like this blouse I got that you can wear 14 different ways or this box cum chair cum d├ęcor I bought.

6. RE-FILL GALORE – Whether it’s their fave scent or their gas tank or their bank account. Joke lang! Mahirap yung last one, but you can sneak in a re-filled bottle of their fave perfume or fill-up the coin/piggy bank with 5 or 10 peso coins or lahat ng pwedeng punuin sa bahay n’yo or office, without telling them para may element of surprise, pwede!!!

7. HOME MADE or PERSONALIZED ITEMS – If you’re into baking/cooking/sewing/drawing etc., why not maximize your skills and put a personal touch to your holiday gift? Save some moolah or earn some if you’ll sell your products or render a service. Or you can check out some of my friends' products like Little Cakes (the best cupcake in the Philippines!) or Ignite shirts.

8. THEMATIC GIFTS – Why not give him/her a bag or basket of all his/her fave things? Example, know what is her fave meryenda or frequently used toiletries and put it in a nice basket. Perhaps you can also do an all-blue or gifts-for-a-cause or all environment-friendly items, ala kris kringle!

9. TURN BACK TIME – Maybe he/she missed a concert or a movie or an episode of her fave TV show, buy or record it then present it with matching popcorn and drinks pa! Get inspiration or idea from his/her frustrations and you will be surprised to know it doesn’t take much to make someone happy.

10. BOXES or STORAGE CONTAINERS – Sa dami ng matatanggap mong gifts ngayong Pasko, sumisikip na closet mo. Kaya what’s the next best thing other than a new and clean closet, siyempre boxes or storage containers! Colorful na, multi-functional pa and plenty of designs to choose from.

Share mo din ang iyong personal ideas for a stress-free, budget-friendly yet memorable holiday gift sharing. Blessed holidays everyone!


  1. nice unique and cool.

  2. thanks anonymous! glad you liked my suggestions. :)

  3. wow brilliant idea po.. nice ate lj...
    God bles u po.
    from:len magalong